Sunday, October 14, 2007

Che saves sight of his executioner

This may be one of the most powerful stories I've heard in a long time. Cuban doctors working in Bolivia have saved the sight of the man who is credited with having executed Che Guevara. Hat tip to An Unrepentant Communist on that one! Check out the story! This is the kind of thing that really makes my heart sing! And here's the story in The Guardian. Unfortunately, the article says that the Cuban government is using this as propaganda. Why the need to use the term propaganda? It's just an interesting turn of events and I don't see any need to shrug it off as simple propaganda.

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Proletarian Librarian said...

Why no comment on this post? Everyone and his brother from all over the world are looking at this one (yes I can see you...) but no one wants to start a discussion? Common.. Let me know what you're thinking!