Thursday, October 25, 2007

Innocent man spends 22 year in Georgia prison

And guess what race he is. I didn't even need to read the article to know in my gut, and sure enough I was right. He's an African American man convicted of rape in 1985 that DNA evidence has now proven that he did not commit. In fact, someone else is now behind bars for that crime.

Unite against racismHere is the Marxist lesson. Racism is, in a nutshell, a means for dividing the working class. It has been used by the capitalist class as way of keeping workers from truly coming together. Union solidarity has historically been hindered by fostering a feeling by Caucasian workers that, "well at least someone isn't doing as well as I am". A rejection of racism is one of the attractive principles of Marxist thought.

In the article Toward A Socialist Theory Of Racism, Cornel West goes a step further than the Marxists while acknowledging that Marxist thought has been very important in understanding racism.

We must frankly acknowledge that a democratic socialist society will not necessarily eradicate racism. Yet a democratic socialist society is the best hope for alleviating and minimizing racism, particularly institutional forms of racism.
This has been a public service message from The Proletarian Librarian. The more you know...

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