Friday, October 19, 2007

Superhero me!

Hat tip to the Effing Librarian. How fun is THIS?!? There was no option to put a book in one hand, so I went with the next obvious choices. This image was created using the HeroMachine.

So what does Super Proletarian Librarian stand for? Solidarity amongst library employees, quality customer services for all patrons regardless of race, socioeconomic class, or academic abilities, and an aspiration to educate the masses about the many edifying materials that they have access to through their public library system. I believe in providing pop culture materials, but I do not believe that we should purchase so many copies of these materials that our research collections must suffer. I believe that the library should be able to serve as a refuge from urban life AND an entertainment source. And I believe that we should provide reliable internet access because more and more our patrons MUST be able to demonstrate web skills in order to obtain employment (and often we are their only access option).

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Anonymous said...

oh, there is a book you can put in your hand; it looks best in the right hand... pick "component" "righthand" and "miscellaneous" -- the book is on the page with the cross and the broken bottle. -effing