Monday, October 1, 2007

What the recent UAW strike may mean

The recent and incredibly brief UAW strike needs to be discussed without all of the whitewash attributed to it by most media outlets. Even the People's Weekly World tried to put a positive spin on what can only be seen as a loss for organized labor. The non-manufacturing employees of the UAW will now be hired for $14 an hour while current wages are $28 an hour. The retiree health insurance that GM had been paying for will now be underfunded and handled by the union. Yet the editorial staff of the People's Weekly World are trying to spin this settlement as a victory. In their editorial entitled, The Auto Strike, they state:

No matter the contract details, the strike illustrates key points in an emerging political action program for labor: national health care and retirement security; a demand that giant corporations reinvest in manufacturing to preserve jobs and a sustainable economy in the U.S.; workers’ rights and organizing rights.
No matter the contract details? Seriously? Do you think those folks joined a union for the warm fuzzy feeling they get when they attend meetings? Or was it to win?

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