Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Environmental disarray

Many of you may have seen or heard about this recent news topic. Drugs in water causing troubling problems to fish, wildlife outlines the chemical contamination that we live with on a daily basis now. Some of the most prevalent drugs being found in the water supply are anti-depressant drugs that have been prescribed as if they are simply part of living in this culture.

But now I've found this wonderfully well documented blog post about the cover-up of studies that show that the most widely prescribed of the anti-depressant drugs are actually no more effective than placebos (sugar pills). The post, entitled Depressing News for SSRI Drugs: They Don’t Work After All… shows that there has been a cover-up by the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA. They've been "cherry-picking" the studies and burying the many studies that have reported that SSRI drugs are simply not effective at all.

So now the question is - should we still be outraged that we're drinking SSRIs if they turn out to be ineffective anyway? Well of course we should. All we really know is that they don't work as anti-depressants. We don't yet know what those chemicals actually ARE capable of doing. And you can bet that you won't get the straight story from the FDA.

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