Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Further evidence

Today is the big day. The one where Barack Obama could put Hillary Clinton away, but now that isn't looking very likely. In Ohio Clinton is talking up the wink and nod that a top Obama adviser apparently gave to the Canadian government regarding NAFTA. The memo in question does not quote any Obama adviser but interprets what was said as meaning that his talk about renegotiating NAFTA is just political positioning. Obama had better get control of his advisers - but what do you expect from a Professor of Economics from the University of Chicago? Why have a guy like that on your economic team in the first place?

But today what's really upsetting me is that while in Texas the big message from Hillary has been about Hugo Chavez. She's going on about how Chavez is siding with "terrorists" in Colombia. This is such a completely disingenuous argument, and really forces me to see her as an overtly right wing foreign policy nut. The government of Columbia is an authoritarian nightmare. The leftist guerrillas that have the support of many of Colombia's neighbors have been fighting for a more socialist society for years. Once again, it seems as though anyone fighting for a more equitable society can be labeled "terrorist" by the U.S. and its "folly-ticians"

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