Wednesday, April 2, 2008


My public library, like many public libraries across the nation, is facing a major funding shortfall over the next two years. If projections are correct, we will lose 12% of our funding next year and another 12% the following year.

For patrons, this means fewer materials, no Saturday hours, fewer programs and probably no Thursday morning hours. For staff this means that as people leave, they will not be replaced but rather their duties will have to be absorbed by those who remain. Part time staff will likely not have their lost hours (on Saturdays or Thursday mornings) replaced.

I'm aware that things are tight all over. Our economic system has allowed too few of the players to collect all of the chips. When that happens, the rest of the players have to borrow if they want to continue to play. Eventually, if this continues, the game is over.

Our director has said that he does not intend to lay staff off. But that's a lot of money and in this economy I don't think that we will have much staff attrition. Who knows what the future holds. Good thing I just finished this incredibly valuable MLS huh?

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Dances With Books said...

And the sad part is all the none too bright people that keep voting for those politicians who enable said system that allows a few to collect all the chips while disregarding any notion of common good.

Hang in there. I hope they don't lay off people, but the cynic in me cannot help but wonder not if, but when.