Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm no fun at parties

I guess its been a while since I posted anything about how I'm feeling. And since blogs have a tendency to be a little like self directed therapy (or can be anyway) I'm going to make a personal confession right here and now. This may not come as a great surprise to you dear readers, but the fact is, I have a nasty little rage issue. And it's growing.

I'm relatively certain that we have hit, or will soon hit, peak oil. Yet everyone around me seems intent upon moving to the suburbs. I have this preoccupation with the notion that almost no one around me understands that we are living in a hydrocarbon enhanced dream state. Without a steady stream of oil a hell of a lot of us are simply going to cease to exist.

If you knew that there was no reason to go to the grocery store (because nothing is there) and you have no natural gas coming into your home and your municipal water supply was unfit to drink and your mobility was reduced to just where you can walk or ride your bike and even that was entirely unsafe because of the bands of starving looters wandering the streets, how long would you last?

Now - this isn't going to happen overnight. But I see it in our creepily near future. Am I alone in these thoughts? When I look around and see myself surrounded by bloated corpses am a really alone? The folks at Peak Oil Blues are trying to help people cope with the realization that our lives are going to change in a dramatic fashion one day soon. I'm not optimistic that we'll be prepared, or that we will work collectively when the shit hits the fan.

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