Friday, June 20, 2008

Fair and Balanced?

Fox News is stooping to new lows so far in this election. A recent caption to a story about Barack and Michelle Obama read, "Outraged liberals: Stop picking on Obama's baby mama" and was placed numerous times on the screen under video clips of Michelle Obama. The term "baby mama" is usually used in reference to an unwed black mother.

In other Fair and Balanced election coverage...

In the past two weeks, Fox anchor E.D. Hill has apologized for referring to an affectionate onstage fist bump shared by the couple as a "terrorist fist jab," and Fox contributor Liz Trotta said she was sorry for joking about an Obama assassination.

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Kaiser said...

Geez, why did they have tio apologize? They're one of the only more conservative stations out there. All the others are predominantly liberal-sympathizing. First, they have to broadcast their message in a media dominated by liberals, and then they have to APOLOGIZE for a couple of the jokes they made? What is this? No one forces CNN to apologize for jokes they make about our candidates.

Stupid libbies.