Monday, July 14, 2008

The scramble

There just hasn't really been any particularly good news lately. I believe that people in government offices and media executive suites are absolutely scrambling to control the pace at which bad news is being released to the public. They sure don't want us to know that world energy production versus consumption is now completely out of balance and permanently so. And they don't want us to know that food prices are going nowhere but up. They don't want us to know that they have no energy answer with any reasonable likelihood of being implementable in time. They also don't want us to know that even if we did have an energy answer, it's too late to save much of our current ecosystem. We're getting hot (with all of the ramifications of that) - and that's just a fact now.

My library is in trouble. The tax base has been stripped out from under us. The budget cuts that were originally so disastrous look now as if they will actually be much larger than first anticipated. Staff may be asked to voluntarily reduce their hours. That doesn't seem good - like a half step away from pink slips.

I hope others out there are seeing something different. But I doubt it. If Barack can fix this, he's a true person of the light.

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